About Cook & Associates

Bob & Carolyn Boynton

Bob and Carolyn are the former owners of Cook and Associates. They retired in 2019, leaving the business to their son William. They are currently traveling the country in their RV, but occasionally return to the office to check in. They’ve been enjoying retirement, but can’t stay away from their family and friends in California for too long.

William Boynton

William is our pest inspector, owner and operator. He started with Cook and Associates in 2009, and took over the company from his father in 2019. William is licensed as a pest inspector by the State of California’s Structural Pest Control Board Pest (SPCB). William loves baseball, board games and computers.

Kirsten Vincent

Kirsten is the office manager of Cook and Associates, starting part time in 2018 and moving to full time in 2019. She and William were childhood friends and they enjoy working together professionally. Kirsten also enjoys being the mother to her two children, camping, and running.